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Newcastle-under-Lyme Driving Test Centre & Driving Test Routes

The Newcastle-under-Lyme driving test centre is located at Parklands Clayton Lane, Trent Vale. You'll still need an Approved Driving Instructor to teach you how to drive.

Newcastle-under-Lyme is considered by some as a hard test centre to pass. There are a lot of speed changes on the Newcastle-under-Lyme routes, including National Speed Limits, so you need to be aware of the speed limit of the roads you are on.

The examiners at Newcastle-under-Lyme are fair and it all depends on how well you drive on your test.
Newcastle-under-Lyme Driving Test Centre Newcastle-under-Lyme Driving Test Routes
Parklands Clayton Lane,
Trent Vale
Newcastle-under-Lyme Car Routes 11-13
Newcastle-under-Lyme Car Routes 14-15
Newcastle-under-Lyme Car Routes 1-5
Newcastle-under-lyme Car Routes 16-19
Newcastle-under-Lyme Car Routes 6-10
Newcastle-under-Lyme Extended Car Routes 1-3
Newcastle-under-Lyme Motorcycle Routes 30-35
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Independent Driving Test

The new driving test has two major changes from the 'old' / previous practical test. The first change is that you are only be required to carry out one driving manoeuvre instead of the previous requirement for two manoeuvres. This is to allow more time for the new INDEPENDENT DRIVING part of the test which is the 2nd and most significant change. Route-Led supplies driving, motorcycle, taxi and ADI test routes for Sat Nav, iPhone, Android, iPad and Google Earth devices.

At Route-Led providing a quality product and service to our customers is very important to us. We have a strict process in place to ensure all our routes are up to date and reliable for you to use. In the future, independent driving routes will also be added to our products.

Newcastle-under-Lyme Motorcyle Test Routes
If you're training for your motorcycle test in Newcastle-under-Lyme, look no further as we have all the motorcycle test routes for Newcastle-under-Lyme, learn and practice your test routes using your Sat Nav device. Your Sat Nav device will take you to the Newcastle-under-Lyme driving test centre, navigate you around the test route and back to the test centre.
Newcastle-under-Lyme Google Earth Driving Test Routes
Use Google Earth to view, navigate and animate all the Barking Driving Test Routes. Simply download routes from our website and start learner the test routes within 5 minutes.

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