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Route-Led provides Driving Test Routes for use in your iPhone, Android, Google Maps App, Garmin and TomTom devices. In just four simple steps, download driving test routes straight from our website to your device. Car, Motorcycle, ADI and LGV routes are available.
Download our all-in-one Driving Test Routes App today! Practice driving test routes with our easy to use turn-by-turn navigation app.

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Driving Test Routes & App Updates!

November 2022

21st November 2022 | West Wickham (London) Test Route Update
21st November 2022 | Huddersfield Test Route Updates
21st November 2022 | Hereford Test Route Updates
21st November 2022 | Bolton Test Route Updates
21st November 2022 | Barking Test Route Updates
21st November 2022 | Alnwick Test Route Updates
15th November 2022 | Weston-Super-Mare Test Route Updates
15th November 2022 | Sevenoaks Test Route Updates
15th November 2022 | Gateshead (Newcastle) Test Route Updates
15th November 2022 | Abergavenny Test Route Updates
11th November 2022 | Aberdeen North Test Route Updates
9th November 2022 | Cheetham Test Route Updates
9th November 2022 | Cambridge (Brookmount Court) Test Route Updates
9th November 2022 | Birmingham (Kingstanding) Test Route Updates
9th November 2022 | Barnet Test Route Updates
4th November 2022 | Barking Test Route Updates
2nd November 2022 | Wrexham Test Routes Updated
2nd November 2022 | Swansea Test Routes Updated

October 2022

30th October 2022 | Speke (Liverpool) Test Routes Updated
30th October 2022 | Sheffield (Handsworth) Test Routes Updated
29th October 2022 | Salisbury Test Routes Updated
29th October 2022 | Norwich (Jupiter Road) Test Routes Updated
28th October 2022 | Newport (Isle of Wight) Test Routes Updated
27th October 2022 | Morden (London) Test Routes Updated
27th October 2022 | Merthyr Tydfil Test Routes Updated
27th October 2022 | Lincoln Test Routes Updated
25th October 2022 | Hereford Test Routes Updated
25th October 2022 | Doncaster Test Routes Updated
25th October 2022 | Darlington Test Routes Updated
25th October 2022 | Birmingham (Kingstanding) Test Routes Updated
25th October 2022 | Barnet Test Routes Updated
19th October 2022 | Winchester Test Routes Updated
18th October 2022 | Pembroke Dock Test Routes Updated
18th October 2022 | Northallerton Test Routes Updated
18th October 2022 | Norris Green Test Routes Updated
18th October 2022 | Newbury Test Routes Updated
17th October 2022 | Leeds (Harehills) Test Routes Updated
17th October 2022 | Kings Lynn Test Routes Updated
17th October 2022 | Goodmayes Test Routes Updated
16th October 2022 | Glasgow (Shieldhall) Test Routes Updated
14th October 2022 | Crieff Test Routes Updated
13th October 2022 | Chingford Driving Test Routes Updated
12th October 2022 | Bury (Manchester) Test Routes Updated
12th October 2022 | Birmingham (South Yardley) Test Routes Updated
11th October 2022 | NEW Greenock Driving Test Routes!
6th October 2022 | NEW East Kilbride Driving Test Routes!
5th October 20222 | Mitcham (London) Test Routes Update

September 2022

28th September 2022 | Coventry Test Routes Update
27th September 2022 | Merthyr Tydfil Test Routes Update
26th September 2022 | Updates to Northallerton Test Routes
22nd September 2022 | NEW Glasgow (Anniesland) Driving Test Routes!
12th September 2022 | Updated Haddington Test Routes
12th September 2022 | Updated Morden Test Routes
6th September 2022 | All NEW Steeton Driving Test Routes
5th September 2022 | All NEW Knaresborough Driving Test Routes

August 2022

30th August 2022 | Chelmsford (Hanbury Road) Test Route Updates.
30th August 2022 | Leicester (Wigston) Route Updates
25th August 2022 | Pontefract Test Routes Updated
22nd August 2022 | West Didsbury (Manchester) New Test Routes
22nd August 2022 | Loughton (London) Driving Test Routes Updated.
16th August 2022 | Edinburgh (Musselburgh) Routes Updates!
8th August 2022 | Gillingham Test Routes updated!
4th August 2022 | Updated Brecon Test Routes
2nd August 2022 | New Rochdale Driving Test Routes!
1st August 2022 | Updated Bodmin Test Routes

July 2022

28th July 2022 | NEW Watnall (Nottingham) Driving Test Routes
26th July 2022 | Updated Halifax Car & Motorcycle Test Routes
20th July 2022 | New Derby (Alvaston) Test & Mock Test Routes!
18th July 2022 | NEW Bromley Test Routes!
18th July 2022 | Alnwick Test Route Updates
14th July 2022 | Updated Northwich Test Routes.
4th July 2022 | Updated Hawick Driving Test Routes

June 2022

30th June 2022 | New Cheetham Hill (Manchester) test routes.
29th June 2022 | New Blyth (Northumberland) Test Routes!
23rd June 2022 | NEW Hither Green (London) Test Routes!
22nd June 2022 | NEW Edinburgh (Currie) Test Routes.
21st June 2022 | Updated Wides (Liverpool) test routes.
21st June 2022 | Hither Green Test Routes updates.
21st June 2022 | Northampton Test Route Updates.
16th June 2022 | Isleworth (Fleminign Way) Route Updates!
16th June 2022 | Birmingham (Garretts Green) Updated Test Routes
15th June 2022 | Updated Elswich (Newcastle) Test Routes
14th June 2022 | Updated Gateshead (Newcastle) Test Routes
8th June 2022 | New Grantham (Somerby) Test Routes
7th June 2022 | All new Bradford (Heaton) Test Routes!
6th June 2022 | Pinner ADI Test Route Updates

May 2022

30th May 2022 | Updated Chichester Test Routes
30th May 2022 | Updated Southampton (Maybush) ADI Test Routes
25th May 2022 | New Uxbridge Driving Test Routes
20th May 2022 | Updated Stoke-on-Trent (Cobridge)Test Routes
13th May 2022 | Pontefract Test Route update
11th May 2022 | Rotherham Driving Test Route Updates!
6th May 2022 | Norwich (Peachman Way) Updated Test Routes

April 2022

26th April 2022 | NEW & Updated Dundee driving test routes
20th April 2022 | Hendon (London) route updates.
19th April 2022 | NEW Huddersfield Test Routes now Available on Driving Test Routes App
19th April 2022 | Edinburgh Test Route Updates
11th April 2022 | Wolverhampton Updates
11th April 2022 | Rochdale Test Route Updates!
4th April 2022 | Kettering & Gosforth route Updates!

March 2022

29th March | UPDATED Tolworth Car Test Routes
25th March | NEW Tottenham Driving Test Routes
21st March | Gillingham Test Routes Updates
18th March | Durham route Improvements.
16th March 2022 | Airdrie Test Route Naviagtion improvements.
10th March 2022 | Exeter & Kirkcaldy Updated Routes
9th March 2022 | Peterborough Test Route Updates!
7th March 2022 | Winchester Car Route Updates + 5 New Taxi Routes!
2nd March 2022 | Hinkley route updates
1st March 2022 | Updated Bletchley Test Routes
1st March 2022 | Updated Leicester (Cannock Street) Test Routes

February 2022

21st Feb 2022 | 10 All NEW Scarborough Test Routes!
21st Feb 2022 | 8 NEW Gosforth Test Routes.
20th Feb 2022 | 10 x Glasgow (Baillieston) Route Updates
20th Feb 2022 | 4 x ADI Glasgow (Baillieston) Route Improvements
7th Feb 2022 | New Basildon Motorccyle Routes
5th February 2022 | Improved Ashford (Kent) Routes
1st February 2022 | 10 NEW Edinburgh Test Routes!

30th Jan 2022 | Additional Tolworth ADI Test Routes
20th Jan 2022 | 5 x New Nottingham (Colwick) Test Routes.
19th Jan 2022 | Kings Lynn Test Route Updates
12th Jan 2022 | Plymouth Test Route Updates
10th January 2022 | Oxford (Cowley) New Routes & Updates!
6th January 2022 | Updated Banbury Test Routes

21st Dec 2021 | Norris Green (Liverpool) Updates
20th Dec 2021 | Aberdeen South (Cove) NEW ROUTES!
15th December | New Blackpool Driving Test Routes
7th December | All NEW Uxbridge routes!
1st Dec 2021 | Updated Stirling Driving Test Routes

11th November 2021 | All new Chadderton (Manchester) Routes!
8th November 2021 | All-new Ashfield driving test routes
1st November 2021 - 5 NEW Lancing Driving Test Routes

28th October 2021 - ALL NEW Wellingborough Test Routes
26th October - Luton Test Route Updates / Bodmin Updates
22nd October - All NEW Warrington Driving Test Routes!
11th October - Carlisle Updates

30th September 2021 | Swansea Updates and two new routes.
27th September 2021 | Updated Sheffield (Middlewood).
20th September 2021 | New & Updated Test Routes for St Helens (Liverpool)
8th September 2021 | Lee on Solent, new and updated routes. 6th September 2021 | Mill Hill (London) Updated.
1st September 2021 | BRAND NEW!!! Nottingham (Chilwell) routes are now available!!!!!
1st September 2021 | NEW Belfast LGV Test Routes are now available on our app!

26th August 2021 | Updated Nuneaton Test Routes
25th August 2021 | NEW BROMLEY (LONDON) Driving Test Routes!
24th August 2021 | NEW Updated Hamilton Driving Test Routes!
23rd August 2021 | Updated & New Morden (London) Routes!
23rd August 2021 | Updated West Didsbury (Manchester)
13th August 2021 | Barnet route updates on App Driving Test Routes App - www.drivingtestroutesapp.co.uk
12th August 2021 | Belvedere (London) routes updated and improved navigation.
12th August 2021 | Cardiff (Llanishen) Updated
9th August 2021 | 3 NEW Newport (Gwent) Test Routes!
3rd August 2021 | Bristol (Avonmouth) & Wood Green (London) Updated routes and improved navigation.

31st July 2021 | Updated Cardiff (Llanishen) Test Routes!
29th July 2021 | 3 New Test Routes on our app for Abergavenny Driving Test Centre!
28th July 2021 | New updated Yeovil Driving Test Routes, Plus improved navigation!
22nd July 2021 | Updated Croydon (London) Driving Test Routes now available!
New Driving Test Routes website coming soon! Take a sneak peek here - www.drivingtestroutes.co
20th July 2021 | Brand new Glasgow (Sheildhall) driving test route now available on our driving test routes app.
19th July 2021 | New Updated Glasgow (Anniesland) Test Routes. (Additional test routes and improved navigation on existing routes).
18th July 2021 | New Dumbarton Driving Test routes (All new test routes)

TomTom, Garmin & Google Maps Driving Test Routes App

Using our FREE driving test routes app finder to download driving test routes, practicing your driving test can help reduce nerves and boost your confidence to pass. Driving the test routes before taking your practical test is usually done with your driving instructor during lessons. With our test routes you can practice when it's convenient and at your own pace.

Pass Your Driving Test with Route-Led

Route-Led supplies some of the most up to date Driving Test Routes in the UK. We also supply many other websites making us the UK's Number 1 Provider of Driving Test Routes. Our aim is to supply quality routes to learner car drivers, LGV, motorcycle, and driving instructors with the tools to practice driving skills. Our goal is to help you pass you're driving test while at the same time saving you money on lessons and multiple exams.

Save money using our Driving Test Routes App!

You could reduce the amount driving lessons needed to pass your test. Using our driving test routes app will help you familiarise yourself with local driving conditions, speed limits, junctions, and test maneuvers. This additional experience can help you pass your test sooner and reduce the time spent with a driving instructor. How it works

What are Driving Test Routes?

During a driving test, your examiner will use a designated route to direct you around. Depending on its size each test centre has between 5 & 15 route options. Each route is designed to test your driving ability to access whether you have passed or failed. Download Driving Test Routes

Why use our Routes?

Route-Led - UK's Number 1 Provider of Driving Test Routes. We supply some of the most up-to-date driving test routes in the UK. We're continuously updating our routes making sure we supply a quality product to those needing a little extra help passing the practical driving exam.

Practice your Driving Test

The best way to prepare for your driving test is to practice as much as possible. If you can, find a quiet place to Practice so that you can focus on your driving. Take your time and don't rush through the Practice Test. It's important to make sure that you understand all of the material before you take the actual test. After you've practiced, ask a friend or family member to give you a mock test. This will help you get an idea of what to expect on the day of the test. Remember, the more prepared you are, the better chance you have of passing the test. Good luck!
Driving Test Practice