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Planning your route
To follow our routes we recommend downloading the following apps on to your iPhone. Please install these App before following instructions.
Opening Routes in - inRoute App
1. Open email application on your iPhone
2. Open email received from Route-Led (Zip File Attached)
3. Press and hold the attachment icon, wait for pop up.
4. Press Copy to iZip
5. Press OK when asked "Would you like to extract all files?"
6. Press GPX folder (you will see a list of routes)
7. Select the route file you want to open
8. Press Open In
9. Select Copy to inRoute
10. inRoute will open and show the entire route. We recommmend you drive to the test centre before starting the navigation.
11.Start navigation by pressing the navigate icon found at the bottom left of your iPhone screen.
For Support using our routes please contact us at;
The driving test routes provided will gain you an insight into the various types of roads likely to be taken on your driving test. Driving test routes do change and get updated, although generally they remain similar due to the particular difficult areas that the examiner like to keep on the routes. Whilst looking through the driving test routes for your test centre, it's not necessary to understand each and every road possible. Locating difficult areas will prove more beneficial.