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Longbenton Driving Test Centre Longbenton Driving Test Routes
Government Buildings,
Whitley Road,
Longbenton ADI Routes 1-3
Longbenton Car Routes 11-16
Longbenton Car Routes 1-5
Longbenton Car Routes 6-10
Longbenton Extended Car Routes 1-2
Longbenton Taxi Routes 1-2
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  The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) practical driving test is designed to test your ability to control the vehicle and to ensure what you have learnt over your lessons has stuck with you. All our routes are currently in use by ADI's (Approved Driving Instructors) on a daily basis in your local area.

The Longbenton driving test centre is located at Government Buildings, Whitley Road, Longbenton. Using our routes will enable you to practice the same routes you'll be driving whilst learning with your instructor and on your test.

You'll still need an Approved Driving Instructor to teach you how to drive.
Longbenton ADI Driving Test Routes
Training to be a Approved Driving Instructor in Longbenton? Look no further, we have all the ADI test routes you need to help pass your ADI parts 2 & 3. We supply Sat Nav, iPhone, Android, CoPilot, Garmin, Navigon, GPSeXchange, Google Maps and Google Earth versions of all our routes.
Longbenton Taxi Test Routes
If you're training for your taxi test in Longbenton, look no further as we have all the taxi test routes for Longbenton, learn and practice your test routes using your Sat Nav device. Your Sat Nav device will take you to the Longbenton driving test centre, navigate you around the test route and back to the test centre.



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