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Swansea MPTC Driving Test Centre & Driving Test Routes

driving test centre Swansea MPTC
  Using your Swansea MPTC driving test centre routes will enable you to recreate and practice manoeuvres you've learnt in your driving lessons. All our routes are currently in use by ADI's (Approved Driving Instructors) on a daily basis in your local area.

All Swansea MPTC Driving Test Routes can be downloaded from Route-Led. We supply a number of different route formats including Google Earth, GPSeXhange, Android, iPhone, TomTom, CoPilot and a number of other SatNav formats.

Swansea MPTC is considered by some as a hard test centre to pass.
Swansea MPTC Driving Test Centre Swansea MPTC Driving Test Routes
Driving Standards Agency,
Langdon Road,
Kings Dock,
St Thomas,
Swansea MPTC Car Route 11
Swansea MPTC Car Routes 1, 2, 4 and 5
Swansea MPTC Car Routes 6-10
Swansea MPTC Motorcycle Routes 6-10
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At Route-Led we have Swansea MPTC driving test routes in Sat Nav, iPhone, Android, CoPilot, Navigon, Garmin, GPSeXchange, Google Maps and Google Earth formats. The Swansea MPTC independent driving test consists of about 10 minutes where the driver will be asked to follow road signs to a destination given by the examiner, the candidate may be shown a diagram with a series of directions, or a combination of both. It doesn't matter if candidates don't remember every direction, or if they go the wrong way - that can happen to the most experienced drivers. The rest of the test is the same.

Swansea MPTC is a busy area so expect to be driving on dual carriage ways and busy roads. We are working closely with local ADI's and learner drivers to keep our routes up to date.

Swansea MPTC Motorcyle Test Routes
If you're training for your motorcycle test in Swansea MPTC, look no further as we have all the motorcycle test routes for Swansea MPTC, learn and practice your test routes using your Sat Nav device. Your Sat Nav device will take you to the Swansea MPTC driving test centre, navigate you around the test route and back to the test centre.
Swansea MPTC Google Earth Driving Test Routes
Don 't have access to a SAT NAV? that's not a problem. Study the Ashford test routes using our Google Earth files, just download your test centre files from our site and open them with Google Earth (instructions). Google Earth allows you to navigate around the test route and back to the test centre, it will even animate the route for you!

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